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    Poor service


      I'm very disappointed with the technical service of this company. I still don't have internet connection and dialtone in 10 days already. I always follow up my problem but they don't have any actions about this(and the fact that we are paying our bills on-time). :(

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          Arnel S. Bansil

          Howdy maiiiii!


          I'm very sorry for the inconvenience. Which customer service channel did you report this and were you given a reference number?



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              Daniel Vallejo

              Hi Nelskib, as maiiiii stated the technical service team of Globe is so disappointing. I really do not think it would matter which customer service channel was used. The fact of the matter is all service channels are unsatisfactory. Both customer service and technical service teams never provide the necessary help they should. Notations are never properly noted, every time I call you end up having to repeat your issue. One other main issue Globe must address is, you give the option for English but the reps clearly cannot understand English as well. I would speak and their replies are so far off. Yes I understand I'm in the Philippines, but if you provide the option for English, that means that's there for the convenience of your English speaking customers. Cruel as it may sound but really one of the main reasons why you are getting these complaints, is because of lack of communication, and clearly its happening in the Tagalog speaking section as well. So I would say in general Globe service team(s) lack proper communication.