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    1st bill!


      I was billed 1799.94 less 1299 and my total amount due is 500.94 for the duration of 12 Aug 15 to 15 Aug 15 for my first bill. They installed my broadband on the 12 Aug 15. Why should I pay the whole amount for 3 days of internet usage. Please help.

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          HI ferginfernandez its Wonderful Day!


          *First how much is your monthly rental?

          *have you check with you your Bill itself? Check the charges, aside from the pro rated or they call charges from the date na na-ACTIVATE yung account mo to your cut off which i think 12 Aug 15 to 15 Aug 15 which is 3-days. plus the telset fee.. installation fee. Your upfront fee na binayaran mo during the installation is na iless na yan sa first bill mo which includes nga sa first bill mo yung advance monthly service fee mo, kumbaga meron ka ng deposit which is magagamit mo rin in coming future or transaction sa account mo.

          Might as well call 211 or 027301300 for FREE, if kulang pa info na nabigay sa iyo.