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    my application is already approved but the unit i want is out of stock.


      so i applied thru hotline last june 23, 2015. after patiently waiting, finally it got approved last friday, aug. 14, 2015, they also asked me when do i want my handset to be delivered. I wasnt so sure that time so the agent told me that she'll just email me so I can notify her when. BUT I didnt receive any email. after a day, i called the customer service hotline to tell them when. but then, they said that the handset(iphone 6) is already out of stock. i'm so disappointed because its just a day that passed, and the phone I want is already out of stock! So right now does anyone know how long should i wait again for the handset to be restocked?? im hoping and praying I dont have to wait for another month/s again :'(