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    Negative balance


      Hi, I have subscribe for globe tattoo home broadband php799 (1mbps). I have more than -2000 outstanding balance. Does that mean i can skip payment for one month? thanks for answering...

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          You need to clarify the Php 2000.00 overpayment. It might be the cashout for the broadband. If not, then you're one lucky fella.

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              it is noted on my balance in globe and in my bill. i just noticed earlier.

              I'm not lucky though. I just overpaid for a few months without noticing...

              so is it safe to say that you can skip monthly payment even for just a



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              Check your billing statement, if you have an overhead payment it will shows as CR (credit) with the corresponding amount on your bill as your outstanding balance. If this will be the case then yes you can skip payment on the succeeding months until the credit amount on your account is fully consumed. But, to better check if you really have a negative outstanding balance call the hotline to check.