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    How do I register to HOOQ?


      I'm a mobile postpaid customer.
      Do I go to the app and select Sign Up, or do I contact Globe first?

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          Arnel S. Bansil

          Howdy dvmbcvnt!


          To register, just text the keyword of your desired HOOQ promo to 8888 for free. You can get a list by texting HOOQ LIST to 8888 for free.


          Once you've chosen a HOOQ variant and registered, we'll send you your activation code. If you're using a postpaid account, you'll have to accept HOOQ's terms and conditions by texting ACCEPT HOOQ before getting your activation code. Once you get your code, enter it at http://hooq.tv to start watching.


          See this FAQ page for more info on HOOQ.