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    Mirror Mirror, Who Is The Most Badass Female Marvel Hero Of Them All?

    Rust Cohle

      After Reddit has fueled talks of Ronda Rousey being the top contender to play Carol Danvers, aka. Miss Marvel, a retailer based in the UK decided to put together an infographic ranking the most badass heroines in the Marvel universe. And guess who took the top spot?




      How did they come up with such a list?


      According to the company’s press release, the criteria included strength, fighting skills, and superpowers/weapons (if applicable). Miss Marvel took the no. 1 spot thanks to her powers of flight and superhuman strength. Second and third places were claimed by Elektra, with her expertise in the art of bladed sais, and Black Widow, who may not be getting her own standalone film anytime soon but has grown in popularity thanks in large part to the character’s portayal by Scarlett Johansson.


      The Marvel Cinematic Universe will welcome Miss Marvel with her own standalone film in 2018. As we draw closer and closer to the release date, I’m curious to find out the lucky actor (or MMA fighter) who’ll be handpicked by Marvel to play the part. I’d be far from disappointed if it indeed turned out to be Ronda Rousey.