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    Billing Issue


      Good day,


      I have been a loyal Globe subscriber for years and I have enjoyed the services I have been receiving from Globe Telecoms until now. My 2nd postpaid account has this unwanted SMS billing amounting to 4,187.72 pesos. The SOA indicates that a total of 3,261 SMS have been sent in just one month. I have a consumable plan and for the most part, it fits my needs since I don't send more than 500 SMS because most of my communication needs are via the internet. And thus a 499 consumable plan was more than adequate.

      This came as a shock since I don't think it is possible for me to have sent more than a thousand SMS messages in a month, let alone 3,261. And logic would dictate that if I need to go SMS happy, that I would subscribe to a txt promo. Most of my friends who are text addicts said that even they can't send that many SMS in just a month's time. I have looked thru the last 12 months billing to see if there was any unpaid amount that could have accumulated over time but the slate is clean. The Usage graph on the Globe portal clearly shows that the SMS amount increase 4 times over my normal usage.

      I have first contacted Globe via Chat July and informed them of this billing anomaly. Unfortunately, they was not able to help me with anything. A week later I contacted Globe via the 730-1000 hotline. The person I spoke with was somewhat helpful and said that she will have somebody checked it and that I should wait for a call, a call that I never got, unfortunately. I was really hoping that I could somehow secure detailed breakdown of the said SMS but the CS told me that was not possible for them.

      As of this moment, I'm planning on sending a formal complaint at a Globe center. But I doubt I would be getting the same answer or lack of answer from them.

      I have no intention of paying such ridiculous amount. The moment I received that billing, I immediately discarded that SIM. I was also thinking of bringing this in to the NTC or something but I'm not sure if they would even take a look at my case. I work 18 hours a day just so I could pay my bills. This ridiculous amount on my SOA is almost comparable to my monthly rent.

      Anybody else had a problem like this? Any thoughts on my issue? Any information will be greatly appreciated.

      Thank you very much!

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          I would also recommend contacting them via Twitter @talk2GLOBE or send them a PM on their FB account - Globe Telecom. They are responding immediately to customers who's having issues like this. Hope you'll have your case resolved at the soonest.



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              Thank you, I have. Yesterday was the third time I contacted them about such issue. As much as I enjoy having them reply so soon. I'll be more interested to see this matter resolved. I'm not getting anywhere with this and it get's frustrating to say the least.

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              that's so disgusting,.. but anyway im reading your statement, you said that your account under consumable ? if yes, what does sms includes for i mean to other network? or the same network?


              do you have screenshot of your bill on this ?? leorick

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                  yes a consumable amount since I'm not a heavy texter. Most of my communication are via the Internet using FB messenger, wechat, viber, etc.SOA 7-22-2015.jpg

                  This is the summary of my bill. I merged the 2 parts that showed the issue I was having. I tell you it is shocking to see that this account reflected 3,261 text messages. It would be nice to get a breakdown but I was told that was near impossible.


                  I'm really frustrated by this. It seems that Globe won't do anything about this so I have to pay the amount eventually but I'm having this line cut next month when the 24 lock-in period expires.

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                  Arnel S. Bansil

                  Howdy leorick!


                  My apologies for the confusion. You mentioned you've raised this through our hotline channel and was told to wait for a call back. Did you they give you a reference number?



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                      Yes, I've raised my concern via chat and through the hotline as well. Unfortunately I was not given a reference number and I realized that after the call has ended. They said they we're going to check on it, but apparently not. And I'm really not in the mood to call again, I hate repeating myself over and over again to different people. I don't know why I even bothered getting a postpaid plan anyway. This is depressing, just thinking about it.