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    Home DSL Billing


      Hi I'm writing another discussion because of another issue in my billing.

      This was the previous discussion I started last June:



      The previous issue was resolved and my bills last 2 months were as expected, but now I received another bill to be paid on Sept. 2 stating that I should pay an amount of 1932 even though I only subscried to plan1599 . My MRF still included an amortized install fee which was supposed to be adjusted already based on what a globe rep told me.


      I'm also having problems with my web connection being slow since last week, something I havent encountered in the previous months. My 5 mbps speed has become 1.44 mbps based on my speedtest.


      I'm much more disappointed now since I have issues not only on the billing but with the connection speed as well.

      I hope you can help me on this againnelskib.