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    70GB data cap for 7Mbps


      I am very disappointed with Globe right now. Their so called loyalty team called me Aug 25 before 8PM. They offered an upgrade of my 5Mbps plan to 7Mbps plan along with other crappy plus discounts. I already agreed to it but I had questions apparently regarding the 70GB consumable data. The agent said that it was unlimited surfing but it really contradicts the 70GB consumable data plan. Suddenly the line got disconnected and they never called back. I went back to sleep and the following morning I decided to check online what exactly is 7Mbps now and it only does have 70GB only. My 5Mbps had 300GB data cap which is WAY bigger than 70GB.


      I contacted Globe to have this upgrade cancelled and they said they will have the loyalty team call me again. No call back happened. I proceeded with contacting them via Twitter and the twitter team said they will look into it. After multiple follow ups, they said they cannot cancel the upgrade because it was already complete.


      When I got back home from work this morning, I contacted Globe again. I explained to the agent that I need to have my old plan back because 70GB is not enough, I'd rather have 5Mbps speed with 300GB data cap than 7Mbps with 70GB data cap only. Sadly it is something that they cannot reverse as per the agent, but he will have the loyalty team contact me again. Hoping that they will contact me and get this sorted out. 70GB will only last 1 week at my house and this is definitely not a loyalty "reward" since they downgraded my data cap four folds.


      I've had this DSL plan for almost five years and this is how they repay my "loyalty" with a new shitty plan.




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