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    My Question about getting plan.


      Hello ask lang. Gusto ko sana mag apply ng plan sa globe. Nabasa ko requirements valid id and proof of remittance. I have online business and I earn almost 70k a month. BUT.. Karamihan sa proof of remittances ko nakapangalan sa partner ko. Konti lang yung nakapangalan sakin. Pwede kaya ako makakuha ng plan kahit ganun?if yes I wanted to ask na rin how much cash out? Im planning to get IPhone 6plus plan.

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          proof or financial should be updated.. i mean, like remittance, dapat po kung sino ang nagrereceive siya po i think ang pwede mag-apply. and remittance should be for the last 3 months with the same recipient. ayako

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            HI! if you want to apply for a postpaid line this are the requirements


            need at least 1 requirements for POID, POBA and POFC


            POID = To establish the existence of the person (e.g. name / identity not made-up)

                        To establish that the individual applying for a subscription is the same person represented in his/her documents.

                      *Company ID or Government employee ID

                      *Driver’s License or computer-generated temporary driver’s license


                      *NBI Clearance

                      *Firearms license

                      *Seaman’s book

                      *Associated Marine Officer’s and Seamen’s Union of the Philippines (AMOSUP) Dependent’s card

                      *Internationally-issued ID of retired US Navy Officials

                      *Postal ID

                      *Senior Citizen’s ID

                      *Other National Government Agency-issued ID

                      *Globe Platinum ID

                      *Persons with Disability (PWD) ID or National Council for the Welfare of Disabled Persons (NCWDP) Certification

                      *Student Driver’s Permit

                      *G-CASH Card

                      *Cooperative-issued ID

                      *College School ID

                      *PRC ID

                      *TIN / SSS / GSIS / Philhealth ID

                      *GSIS eCard Plus / UNIFIED MULTI-PURPOSE ID (UMID) eCard

                      *Voter’s ID


            Note: If company ID is also the ATM, Debit card & Time in/out card (multi-functional ID), verification shall be done to confirm authenticity of POID


            POBA = To establish completeness and accuracy/exactness of billing address given and to ensure that Globe's / Innove's future                                communications or billings will be received by the applicant in the indicated billing address

                      *Any of the acceptable POID

                      *Latest Public Utility Bill

                      *Latest Utility bills with incomplete address

                      *Latest Hand-written Utility bills

                      *Latest Official Receipt (O.R.) of Electric Cooperative bills

                      *Latest billing statement issued by Microfinance Institutions (MFI), Retail stores or Appliance Centers engaged in                                        installment payment terms (Ex. Gillamacs Appliance Center, Emilio S. Lim Appliance Center, K-servico)

                      *Latest Computerized Official Receipts (O.R.) bearing preferred billing address

                      *AMOSUP Dependent’s card

                      *Letterhead of company indicating address

                      *Latest Credit Card Statement

                      *Latest Bank Statement

                      *Latest computerized payslip

                      *Latest W2 Form (BIR form 2316)

                      *Insurance premium notice

                      *Latest Club statement of account

                      *Publication w/ subscription label or tag

                      *Any post-marked envelope

                      *Latest Airway bill

                      *Latest Notarized Contract of Lease

                      *Latest Business/Mayor’s Permit


            POFC = To assess if applicant is capable to sustain the subscription

                      *Latest Certificate of Employment and Compensation (COE)

                      *Latest computerized payslip (Private Organization)

                      *Latest Self-printed payslip (similar to GT payslip printed from HRMall/Oracle system)

                      *Latest Government Payroll/Payslip

                      *Latest ITR (BIR Form 1700 for employees)

                      *Latest W2 form (BIR form 2316)

                      *Electronic bill (E-bill) credit card statements including those of internationally-issued credit cards

                      *Printed unofficial copy of bank statement coming from the bank

                      *Certificate of land title being farmed

                      *Certification from the Sugar Association

                      *Latest ITR (BIR form 1701 for sole proprietor)

                      *Latest Credit Card statement showing minimum credit limit of Php20,000 with no past due

                      *Credit Card ID including internationally-issued cards

                      *Latest two (2) months bank statement of account / passbook

                      *Combined savings/current deposits from different banks 

                      *Dollar Savings Account

                      *Latest Notarized Lease Contract (used by Landlord)

                      *Last three (3) months Foreign remittance slip (ex. Western Union)

                      *Last three (3) months certificate of allotment from applicant’s spouse

                      *Latest Business Permit/Mayor’s Permit With NO gross sales indicated

                      *Latest Business Permit/Mayor’s Permit With gross sales indicated


            hope this could help

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              Pakitaan mo ng at least 3 months bank statement or passbook, syempre mas okay kung maganda ang flow ng pera sa bank account mo.

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