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    What If All Of Us Were Anime Characters?

    Rust Cohle

      Anime is quite the popular entertainment medium thanks to its normally larger than life plotlines, over the top character reactions and, of course, the excellent quality of Japanese animation. But what if you take away that last one and replace it with, well, real life?


      Video creators Tom Trager and Or Paz pondered the same idea and decided to shoot a real-life anime! The central conflict of who gets to eat the last slice of pizza stretched on for about 48 episodes, which is roughly what you’d expect from a standard anime with the storyline of this magnitude.


      Here’s the video.


      Ridiculous facial expressions, lots of back and forth bickering and extended internal monologues that are completely out of place given the urgency of the moment, yes these video creators certainly know their anime formula. I had a blast watching the video.


      What do you think? As an anime fan, are you impressed?