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    papacut ng plan


      pde ko po ba ipacut ung plan ko this coming month? tapos ipaparegister ko ulit sya after a month?

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          Arnel S. Bansil

          Howdy shelyn!


          What you mean is temporary suspension of your postpaid account, is this correct? May I know for what reason?



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            it seems that hindi naman siya permanent disconnection shelyn tama?

            Temporary disconnection i think, yes! you can have to.


            you may contact them here for the request:

            Contact Us


            Customer Service will help you and discuss important reminders prior for the request, Listen and take note of those things for your reference and future transaction.


            thats Wonderful!!

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              Yes, suspension of plan is allowed but only for a maximum of 30 days. Also, you will need a provide a reason why you would like to temporarily suspend your account as this will be noted on the request. As soon as you reach the agreed date your account will automatically resume to active.

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