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    Tattoo Plan 1299 Inquiry


      Hi Globe,


      Just want to ask few things:


      1. Is it true that I can have my Tattoo Home Broadband (LTE) subscription voided or canceled if I am not satisfied with the Internet connection speed right after the installation? or Is there a trial period (days/weeks) to test the internet connection speed which will still allow me to cancel my subscription if I am not satisfied with the service?


      2. I am currently a Globe post paid subscriber and I am using an iPhone 6 plus with LTE sim. I was advised by the Globe representative who issued the unit and orient me about the phone features and services, that LTE connection is not yet available in Taytay Rizal Area and that the highest connection speed that I will get is 3G (way back November 2014). Up until now, I can say that I am not satisfied with the mobile internet speed that I am receiving (most specially during the day). My question is..Is there any difference in the internet connection speed if I am using a mobile internet with (Globe) LTE connection VS if I am connected in a WiFi network via Tattoo Home Broadband (LTE) or the Plan 1299 3Mbps? (Is it a lot faster if I am connected on a WiFi rather than using my mobile data?)




      3. Lastly, how many hours will it take to complete the installation of the Tattoo Home Broadband (LTE) and can you do installation during Saturdays?


      Thank you!