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    Is it possible for someone to have the same number as mine in the Philippines?


      I lost my Iphone6 and my simcard in it last June and today, August 3, My friend accidentally call my number because he thought that It is still my number and someone answered. He told me that someone answered and I tried calling my old number, someone did answered and She asked me that who is this? I asked her the same question and I said that "this is my number", she said that It is impossible because she registered the number on the year 1998 and asked her what phone is she using, she said C3 and I believe that it is a nokia brand. My simcard is a nano simcard and I believe that the C3 she is talking about needs the regular big sim. She told me that if you want proof that I registered it in 1998 I can show you and she asked me where am I, I said that I'm from Makati and she told me that she is from Baguio.


      So, is it possible to have the same number as mine in the Philippines?


      I hope that I could get a reply soon! Thank you!