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    DDNS and Port Forwarding Possible in Tattoo Home Broadband?


      Hi there,


      I created this for us subscribers to know if DDNS, port forwarding or virtual server setup is completely not possible using Tattoo Home DSL connection?  A lot of ISPs, while mostly here and abroad are enjoying these services so as to have no overhead personal expenses in creating access or site at home, visible from outside.  This is the definition of consumer/residential internet connection from what I've learned since 90's.  But due to present CGNAT and/or dynamic private IP addressing starting last year, this prevented us from enjoying the Internet innovation and connectivity.  I hope that this would be restored soon.


      Just confirmed my postpaid LTE connection and I'm getting 120.xxx.xxx.xxx, a public IP address.  I believe that the above policy should apply here as mobile broadband services.


      Thanks and regards