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    Invalid Charge for Spotify Premium


      I subscribe to a GO SURF 299 with free spotify premium on JUne 20 and activated my SPotify Premium on June 23 by replying SPOTIFY toe an sms received from globe asking which to avail as free add ons HOOQ or SPOTIFY so I chose SPOTIFY.. The following month JULY  I was charged for stand alone spotify for 299. Received a credit from the customer service and this AUGUST another charges on my account. I was informed that free spotify is until August 30 and called customer service Aug 28. What happen to the free 3 months spotify and Do I really need to call every month asking for the same request for the removal of both gadget care and spotify. Why advertise on your website and pamphlets and brochure that free premium spotify comes in the GO SURF 299. Your customer service cannot rectify this issue and hoping that through email with screen shots of your false advertisement will help me get my reversal for 299.


      Is this how your really treat your customer?  Causing them inconvenience and making them look like a credit seeker for the invalid charges you posted on their bills.