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    Plan usage meter


      Gano ba katagal before magreflect sa unbilled charges ang excess data usage? Gano rin katagal bago magreflect sa plan usage meter ang consumed data?

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          sidonglenn Supposedly every two hours updated yung usage meters. Sana magawa nilang real-time.

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              Supposedly every 2 hours ang update so I was very careful in using my data, i even called globe para dun nakalagay kasi sa phone ko, 1.12gb na na-consume ko, pero nung tumawag ako sa globe, wala pang 100mb. So i used it, checking every now and then ang site and gservices for data consumption, so from august 30 to Thursday night, Sept 3, nasa 300mb pa lang ang consumption, then suddenly friday afternoon 1.5gb na daw, sobra pa. i totally stopped using data and after that almost every hour na ko nagchecheck ng unbilled charges, pataas na ng pataas, hanggang sa 400+ na unbilled ko ngayon.

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              SuperSurf will show real-time actual usage (e.g. 161 MB) for USSD (*143#), IVR, SMS; Web and GServices will show a colored data meter.
              GoSurf has a latency of 24-48 hours



              For Prepaid & TM customers, it is best to recommend either USSD (*143#), IVR, SMS for both SuperSURF and GoSURF.
              For Postpaid GoSURF, it is best to recommend MyAccount or GServices as these channels show both combos/freebies and boosters while IVR, USSD, and SMS will only show boosters and not combos/freebies.
              Data usage meter is not yet available to UnliSurf combo plan holders


              Additional info...


              you can activate SurfAlert

              SurfAlert > SurfAlert is a free service of Globe that safeguards customers from unwanted mobile internet charges


              SURFALERT ONTo activate SurfAlertSend to 8888
              SURFALERT HELPTo inquire about the promoSend to 8888
              SURFALERT CHECKTo check status and remaining minutesSend to 8888
              SURFALERT STOPTo unsubscribe from the serviceSend to 8888
              SURFALERT HOLDTurn off SurfAlert for 24 hoursSend to 8888
              Registration thru *143#

              Turn on mobile alerts

              GLOBE:  *143# > My Account > Turn on mobile internet alerts > SurfAlert
              TM: *143# > My Account > Turn on mobile internet alerts > SurfAlert

              Turn off mobile alerts

              GLOBE:  *143# > My Account > Turn Off mobile internet alerts > Stop receiving SurfAlert
              TM: *143# > My Account > Turn Off mobile internet alerts > Stop receiving SurfAlert

              Check STATUS

              GLOBE:  *143# > My Account > Check Status> Check SurfAlert status
              TM: *143# > My Account > Check Status> Check SurfAlert status


              How are customers protected from unwanted charges


              a. Temporarily putting his browsing on hold when:

                     - He is NOT currently registered to a surf promo

                     - If he is currently registered to a bulk surfing promo (like GoSURF) and he has fully consumed his data

              b. By receiving free regular notifications or alerts via SMS and Flash messages when his/her phone connects to the internet, reminding him/her to sign up for a mobile data promo

              • Once he receives a SurfAlert notification, the customer’s mobile internet connection will be temporarily put on hold until he registers to a mobile internet promo again, or he texts SURFALERT HOLD, or SURFALERT OFF.
              • This feature of SurfAlert protects the customer from unknowingly getting charged for mobile internet. Some activities that causes unwanted mobile internet charges:
                • Mobile internet session initiated by the customer, such as surfing/browsing, video streaming, Google searches, launching an app which requires a data connection once his surfing promo allocation has been fully consumed, or
                • Mobile internet session initiated by his device through background synching of apps installed in his mobile phone

              Guidelines and Conditions

              1. Only available in the Philippines
              2. Not open to customers on roaming
              3. Not available to Globe Postpaid and Tattoo Postpaid customers
              4. Customer still has the option to surf at regular browsing rates (either P5 for 15 minutes or P2.00/MB) by sending SURFALERT HOLD or SURFALERT STOP via 8888:
              5. Sub can register to the service again any time by texting the activcation keyword.


              Hope this could help