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    I want to ask about my bill


      My plan was supposed to be 1799 but recently my August Bill charged 2800.

      I had disputes from my June Bill which was already credited to me but it seems I'm having the same disputes with my August Bill.


      In June I was charged for going over my peso value allowance due to Globe system not updating my service combos properly.

      I was charged for 2 Internet Data plans instead of just one. I had disputed the charge and was promised an adjustment.

      I got the adjustment just this April due to some consultants over the phone who doesnt know what to do.


      Yet now, upon checking my August Bill, I see the same Internet Data plan in my combos but was advised that I should not pay attention to that because "I was not charged for it." Well then how come my bill is 1000 pesos more than my plan?


      I really need some clarification and break downs of my bill.

      CP: 09175907672