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    how to get my hooq activation code


      i've trying to sign up for hooq for my free 3 mos. subscription but until now i didnt receive my activation code. I already called globe for the same matter for 3x but same answer they just directed me on how to get an activation code. I already did what they told me but still no activation code. please help

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          Arnel S. Bansil

          Howdy kathynika09!


          Can you confirm that you're already done with these steps?



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            HI! you can try this keywords for postpaid


            Postpaid Keyword                          Description                                     Access         Number Fee

            HOOQ<denom> STOP            To unsubscribe from the service                8888             FREE

            HOOQ<denom> STATUS        To check status and remaining MB            8888             FREE

            HOOQ RESEND                     Resend Activation Code                           8888             FREE

            HOOQ LIST                            Send List of HOOQ Variants                     8888             FREE

            HOOQ INFO                           To inquire about the promo                        8888             FREE


            Hope this could help!