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    New usage policy for dsl bundled accounts?!


      Well you see, my friend texted me about how globe send her a message regarding on her account usage (3 mbps landline bundled with hooq Subscribed since last year)..


      I read the "faq" section on tattoo home page and it says image.jpg


      well yeah, obviously 7 GB per day. NO MONTHLY ALLOWANCE.


      but WHAT IS THIS?!


      "Hi! As of 6 AM today, you already used up 30.07GB of your Tattoo Home Broadband plan's internet allowance for this month. We'd like to remind you that upon full consumption of your allowance, you may experience slower browsing speed. You'll receive another notification when you've used up 80% of your internet allowance. Thank you!"


      ANd this?! Tattoo unveils higher monthly data allowances for new home broadband plans


      care to clarify this? I'm dissatisfied because there is no notification of changes or whatsoever. If my friend is affected in this policy, well no doubt that my account too will be affected.