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    3G/HSDPA Singal in Jolo, Sulu


      Hi -


      I think I speak for everyone in Jolo, Sulu who is fed up with Globe's unreliable signal strength for data services. In 2013, I signed my sister up for a postpaid data plan.  The signal strength was okay at that time, we have no complaints.  We were running at 80dbm to 87dbm. Come 2014 after they've finished upgrading their system (so I was told by a Globe CSR), the signal went bad that you would appreciate being connected to dial up.


      Now, I am nearing the end of my contractual obligation. From 2014 to this year, I never had a month end without a frustrating experience.


      So, please Globe. Whatever you did in 2014 that affected the HSDPA/3G signal specially in Kasanyangan Village and the nearby areas, look into it.