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    Unexpected Load Reduction Problem


      I have a problem with a load reduction whenever I am not yet registered to any TM text/call promos. Yesterday I have a 10php remaining load balance when suddenly got deducted into 5. So I assume that maybe I still have a load credit from your network. So I reloaded my sim immediately to register to one of your promos. After that, 8810 replied that I can't register yet because of a high number of people still registered. I tried again and got a reply saying that I have an insufficient load balance to register in this promo (UT10). I checked my balance and my load was being reduced to 8 from 15. So what's the problem behind this? Can you explain this thing? I have a lot of important things to do and this is wasting my time. Texting is very essential for us for we are always transferring instructions and codes through texts as a part of our work. Please help. Thanks.