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    Please explain how does Anti Bill Shock works for BEMSP 1799 subscribers


      I have a BEMSP 1799 with Peso Value of 3200 and my cut-off billing is every 10th of month. I use my Peso Value allocation as follows


      1,110 for Galaxy Note 3

      999   for GoSurf (5 gb limit)

      300   for 3 quantities of 20 mins call to Globe/TM

      100   for 1 quantity of 125 text to all network

      701   consumable.


      Now my question is lets say i consume my 20 gb of data in 1 month, how will I be charge by globe considering the Anti Bill Shock feature?

      For ease in illustration, let us say I have no other excess charges for calls/text/or share a load. Am i correct that my billing for the month will still just be P1,799 since my all data charges will be covered by my GoSurf Peso Value of 999 and 501 coming from my Peso Value Consumable?