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    Where do I report arrogant GLOBE call center agent


      Hi Globe,


      Good Day! But not very polite from one of your agents!!!


      There is this agent who called my GLOBE landline number to give me details on my account balance. This process of yours is a good thing to help your consumers know about their balance, BUT WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS IS HAVING ARROGANT AGENTS HANDLE THEM!.


      I know you record all your calls. You could trace who called me this day (9/12/2015) and try to listen to the recording. Your arrogant agent was answered by my wife, My wife asked who's on the line since your the he's the one calling. Its natural to be asked right???. But your arrogant agent wasn't polite to answer to the actual account owner! Listen to the recording and you'll see. If you want to know more details on our side then contact me! You guys know my number! The arrogance of your agents shouldn't be tolerated! These kind of people shoudn't even be hired on the first place. Its a shame to your company!