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    Poor customer service for recontracting customers


      What happened to your customer service globe? first, I inquired for recontracting and I wanted a new phone, and it has been three weeks and you don't have stocks for recontracting customers, but apparently, you have available phones for new ones. When I was finally able to recontract and was given the refurb Iphone 5s, I was told that it will be delivered today, 9/12/15. I waited the whole day for the delivery and no delivery was made. I called at around 4:40 PM, and basically I was told that I cannot follow up on my order yet, since it wasn't 5:00PM yet. Fine. No delivery came. 5:20PM I called again, and was told that since there was a failure of delivery, it will be pushed on Monday. So in sum, I wasted the whole day waiting for a promised delivery that was not accomplished. And what will I do if I stay home on Monday not doing anything productive and delivery doesn't come? Based on your agents, nothing. Meanwhile, my mom went to Smart in SM North, and in less than an hour she got herself a new Lenovo S90 and her contract renewed. You won't even allow us to recontract in your stores. Your courier, Ximex, doesn't even have a working website where we can track the delivery. When I posted the inquiry in their FB page, I was told to send an email to [email protected]. Lo and behold, the email was redirected to me because the email add does not exist. In my four years as a customer service agent I haven't seen a lousier customer service and/or retention policies such as yours. You only want to get more new customers and leave your existing customers behind. It's just sad that my relationship with this company has been flawless until now. Yet, when I neglect to pay my bill you cut my line in two weeks time.  

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          Same here. I applied for recontracting yesterday and the agent promised that I will receive the unit tomorrow but until now, wala pa din akong narereceive na feedback from the support team. Napaka-galing lang nila magpabayad ng overdue balances, and pre-termination fee for the account pero kapag sa delivery nalang ng unit, SOBRANG BAGAL. Nakakairita lang na wala silang magawa sa mga ganitong klaseng problema. Hindi man lang nila mai-flag na urgent ung request natin and they should stick on their promised date!

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            i have read some feedback of re-contracting customers of globe, globe are prioritizing new customers.. in short naghahanap sila ng panibagong maloloko. smh

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              I believe Globe Telecoms just outsourced their Call Center Operations, they just read by the script. They just want new application/s and don't care for their existing/loyal ones.-and this is a bad business habit. Dati, that is way back 8 years ago, they will call you to remind na eligible ka for recontracting kasi loyal ka sa globe, that time, free ang phones na medyo high-end, and matutuwa ka sa mga plans na ino-offer, ngayon, kahit bill rebates, YOU ARE FORCED TO GET THEIR ST***D my lifestyle plan where for me is not a good plan, mabuti pa noon, like for example G FLEX 800 all consumable plans, GTEXT 500-with free 500 text messages and 20 minutes call plus consumable pa. Ngayon base plan of 499-which is unlimited calls/text to Globe/TM and kung anu-anong top-up to make your monthly bill higher and additional 100 ang consumable, which was before, THEY ARE FREE. They just want to squeeze out as much money as they can from subscribers. The one who conceptualize this so called " MYLIFESTYLE PLAN" is either crazy, or a hopeless suckup to Globe management. That being said, I will just purchase my new phone, and will retain to my existing plan, which I am satisfied right now, until then, when Telstra lined up their plans that is way way more beneficial to customers like a WIN-WIN solutions, goodbye and WHO YOU KA Globe.