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    unclaimed and unused postpaid plan


      how can we settle this issue??

      last year i bought a SG grand 2 at Samsung store in SM pampanga then the agent offered us a postpaid plan with free of charge for 6months. we got the sim right there and then after a day or two the agent texted us that the sim can't be activated and we need to claim the new activated sim. but we didn't claim the sim because we're not interested anymore and so we thought that everything is fine. but early this morning we got a text messages stating that we need to settle our account or we are gonna be in the block listed on all gov't agencies and they can file cases against us. we called the number that texted us and said that our account got terminated because we're not paying bills.


      just wondered how on earth we had unpaid bills if we didn't use the plan and we haven't received any statement of account??? and pano naging 8000 ang bill mamin kung na terminate ang account?? amg alam ko ma teterminate ang account pag 2months ka ng hindi nag babayad. the said plan just costed  499/months. so how this thing happen???


      hope we hear from globe and help us clear our names. because it's just not fair.

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          Arnel S. Bansil

          Howdy Precious Diaz!


          Just to be clear, once a postpaid account has been activate it will continue to accumulate bills regardless of whether or not the services were actually used. And "alam ko ma teterminate ang account pag 2months ka ng hindi nag babayad" is not entirely accurate, as unpaid accounts are temporarily disconnected until you've settled your outstanding balance, and again will continue to accumulate during this period.


          If you wish to stop receiving bills completely, then you need to request for your plan to be permanently disconnected. To request for permanent disconnection, all outstanding balances must be cleared.


          Hope this clears things up. Cheers.