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    PhysCell id settings


      I'm a new Globe LTE Broadband user....... I want to know if we can change my PhysCell id in the router?

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          What happen is, when ever I reboot my modem (power cycle) It always give me this Wireless Settings....

          Cell ID:0330603 - 002
          RSRQ (dB):-11dB

          RSRP (dBm): -89dBm

          RSSI (dBm):-63dBm
          SINR (dB):7dB

          which I would like to keep because I'm getting 50% to 60% reliability on my plan 1599 but after 1 to 2 hours it will automatically change to this settings.........

          Cell ID:0330603 - 032
          RSRQ (dB):-9dB

          RSRP (dBm): -95dBm

          RSSI (dBm):-71dBm
          SINR (dB):1dB

          It only gives me 300 to 400 Kbps............ and then I will reboot the modem again and the cycle goes on and on.

          Is there any way that we can do to permanently sync the first setting to the modem?

          Is there any Technical Support consultant from Globe to show me how to fix the settings in the LTE modem?

          Please guys help me, I'm tired of calling CRS / TSR with the same concern......

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              have the same problem here, is there a way to set a specific physcellid to be used by the modem?
              im currently in Langgam San Pedro, Laguna and the physcellid that gives me the most speed is 406 but sometimes it changes to 127 and 386 which are crappy as poop and need to reset ever so often.