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      Hi! My plan is about to end, so I wanted to re-contract. However, there are only few gadgets to choose from. What can you suggest? Thanks!

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          Hi rodj_k


          First thing, what is your monthly budget? It really depends on your capacity to pay BUT if money is not the problem then there are a some I could recommend you high-end smartphones.


          You may want to try iPhone 6 & 6 Plus. I'm totally loving this super awesome phone right now. No more words to describe.

          How about the new Galaxy Note 5? With their enhanced S-Pen, I'm sure you would really enjoy taking memos on your phone.

          But wait... there will be the new iPhone 6s & 6s Plus! (no specific date of release though) If I enjoyed the iPhone 6, how much more can this device be? Apple ONLY changed everything in this new phone!

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            rodj_k In addition, phones on the "higher end" are usually offered with cash outs. Check if upgrading your plan will benefit you more. Phones on higher plans have smaller cash outs.


            Alternatively, you can visit phone retailers to see if they have good deals too.

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