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    High Latency on DOTA 2 (Steam Games)


      This month, I experience a very very high latency on DOTA 2. And now it is even worse, the Lag Spike makes me unable to play. Packet Lost even reach from 7-55% with 100-2000ms Latency!


      I searched the community and I am not the only one having this issue with your ISP. If this will not be solved I will switch to another ISP.


      The PLDT Connection we have in my home in valenzuela is very good in playing any online games. Note that it is only a 2mbps connection.


      My connection is 3mbps!


      Location: Coronado St. Hulo Mandaluyong City.
      Plan 1299 WIRED DSL/Landline 3mbps



      Pleae fix this! I like globe service compare to other ISP but if this will not be resolved then I have no other choice.