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    Retention Program


      I have a postpaid plan which expired in April 2013. I want to avail of your retention program, if there is any.




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          Hi genoveva, there is a loyalty program provided by globe for those who want to recontract their current plan. It varies from rebate up to 47% on your monthly bill, Free Handset, or Handset with lower cashout compared to a new line application. These offers change without prior notice.


          you can tweet @talk2globe or call the loyalty department for further assitance.

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            Hello Genoveva, your question has been asked and greatfully answered by our fellow community members. You can view the conversation thru this link.



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              Hi Genoveva. It is noteworthy that the term retention program is no different from a new line application in terms of price (like cash out ), handset availability and the plan in itself. What I mean by that is when you apply for a retention for another contract with a handset you do not have an edge over a new applicant where in fact you have been in a contract already with globe.

              On the other hand, the so-called rebate only applies if you will not avail of a handset which I think is something that is different from a new line application.

              Wala naman talagang benepisyo yung loyalty subscriber over a new applicant in terms if price or cash out sa handset.