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    Huawei E5220 Pocket WiFi Not Recieving HSPA Signal


      I have a Huawei E5220 that I bought 2 years a go. Using it, I was able to receive all 2G, 3G and HSPA signals. HSPA being the fastest, I was able to get the max speed that was shown on the product's box which I guess was 7.2mbps. I had been using it until I started a home broadband plan 5MBPS last year. I disconnected my home broadband plan last month so I went back using my E5220 pocket WiFi again. The original SIM got expired so I bought a new one. But since the time I started using it again, I have never seen the HSPA connection again. The fastest speed that I was able to get was 3G which is very slow and unusable in the morning and has a max speed of 1.2mbps in the early morning. This happens regardless of the location where it is being used. WHAT HAPPENED? HOW CAN I FIX THIS?