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      hindi ko ma Unsubscribe yung ringback ko bukas mag rerenew nanaman to sayang nanaman 15 pesos ginawa kuna ung STOP IA4848 tapos UNSUBSCRIBE pero pag tinatawagan ako nan dun parin ung ringback ko tapos ung reply sakin ng 2332


      Ringback: Sorry, we didn't find any song under this code or this promo is not available in this mobile number.

      But if you're looking for a ringback, text SONGS to 2332 for a quick list.

      For a more extensive list, go to http://downloads.globe.com.ph/tones-1/ringbacks.html.

      Do you want to subscribe to a ringback tone? Just text your chosen code and send to 2332. Ex: AB123 to 2332. Make sure your song code is correct.


      If you wish to remove your existing ringback, text STOP <code> to 2332. Ex: STOP AB123 to 2332.

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      eh tama naman ung codes na iniinput kong code



      You are currently enjoying the following ringback:


      IA4848 - Pagibig Nga Naman by Kilos (P15)

      NN383 - Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran (P0)


      To remove a ringback, reply with STOP<space><ringback code> to 2332 (Ex: STOP AB123)

      na try ko na din ung DELETE <11 Digit Globe number> to 2332


      wala parin 2 months na kinakaen neto ung load ko