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    GoSurf10 Usage of Free mobile data and Free Spotify


      I am subscribing to GS10 which has free 40mb mobile data and 200mb free Spotify.  Supposed to be, if I use Spotify, it will be charged first against my 200mb free Spotify.  When the 200mb is used up and I continue using Spotify, it will then be charged against my 40mb.  I've been having doubts about it the last few days.  Laging nauubos agad yung 40mb ko.  So I decided to do a test today.  I got status of my usage almost every hour.  I also had My Data Manager installed on my phone to get additional information.  I disabled almost all of my apps so it won't consume data.  What do you know?  After using Spotify for almost an hour, it was my 40mb that got reduced significantly!  I'm okay with that for as long as Globe says that is how it's supposed to work.  But no!  They claim that it uses first the 200mb.  I have the screenshots to back up my claim.