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    RE-OPEN High Latency/Ping on Dota 2 Servers Discussion!


      Hi there!


      Got a problem here. Recently, playing dota 2 has been way to laggy. The in-game ping is so unpredictable, it goes from 100ms to as high as 1000ms. With this kind of ping, the game may be rendered unplayable.


      So I looked for answers and/or solution to this problem, trying to find out if I'm the only one affected. However, after searching the net, I found out that I'm not alone. There are others with the same problem. Several discussions were already opened, others closed, left unanswered. Moreover, others are locked that I have to open this thread.


      I have attached the result of the ping test and trace route for your reference.


      Ping Dota 2.png


      Any of you who has the same problem as mine, share them here. Let's create awareness on this issue.