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    Had a problem with Tattoo?  Globe promise to fix it but don't?  Globe then lock your discussion?  Globe deserve criticism, but don't allow it.


      After first reporting a problem on 22nd August, and receiving assurance by SMS that the problem would be resolved by 24th September it took at least a dozen more telephone calls, half a dozen emails and opening a discussion on this forum before we got any action, with the problem finally fixed on 15th Septmber - over three weeks later.


      During this time Globe offered us a DSL connection, which doesn't exist in our area, and a free month of service to apologise for the inconvenience.


      Part of the internet package is a free mobile phone account - which I don't really need as I'm happy with my existing mobile.  However, they said I get it anyway and it's free.


      Imagine my surprise when I got an account for the 'free' service.  Imagine how much more surprised when yesterday this 'free' account was disconnected for non-payment.


      Globe promised a free month of service, but as with all of Globe's promises, it is a lie.


      The original discussion What do I need to do to get Globe to fix a non-working internet connection they've been promising to fix for three weeks, but have so far only made promises? has been locked by Globe.  They do not like criticism.  They don't like being exposed as liars.  But liars they are.


      As an international journalist, I intend to give Globe the publicity they deserve, not the publicity they pay for.  I doubt if they know the expenses involved in cleaning up a series of bad reports, and I doubt if they realize how many other customers will be in contact once the stories are published.  Anybody who has a horror story about Globe is welcome to contact me on here - if Globe doesn't lock this discussion too.  Cowards that they are, they hate people telling the truth about them.


      On Monday we will be taking the modem/router and the moble phone back to the Globe office and getting a 100% refund of all monies paid.  Globe promised to waive the disconnection fee and to issue a full 100% refund because of their failure to rectify the problem.  If they renege on this too, my series of articles will be complete.