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    Bad experience


      First off, let me say that I was a happy Globe subscriber for quite some time now. I would sometimes recommend them to my friends. Until this month.


      I have 3 lines under my name 1- [email protected] with landline which is about 8 years old and 2 postpaid mobile lines (still within contract)


      I had an issue with one of my postpaid line which is 1799. I am a heavy internet user which brings my bill at roughly 2500 to 3000 per month. I was fine with it until this month they sent me a text message stating that my unbilled charges is at 2007 pesos. This alarmed me, so I immediately checked my account at Globe's website and also dialed *143# to check my unbilled charges. To my relief, the website,*143#, including the GServices app all stated that my unbilled charges is only 594. My relief was cut short when I received a message stating that my outgoing services were barred because of my unbilled charges. This made me furious. I immediately contacted customer services via email to ask about the charges. Considering that agents from email dept would take time to respond, I also contacted their twitter reps to get answers. Twitter reps told me that they will check it and that was the last message I got from them. For some reason, when they barred my outgoing services, they also barred my incoming services or should I say its sporadic. Since I cannot call 211, I chatted with a rep and was given a breakdown of my unbilled charges. For some reason, he cannot answer why there is a discrepancy on the charges on globes system and gservices/globe's website/*143#. He also cannot give me the full details of the 1500 pesos difference on the charges stating he has limited access. I asked him who has access and also asked for a supervisor to call me. He told me his supervisor will say the same things. This really pissed me off. Our home also uses Globe's Internet service which was running slow at that time which meant it took me numerous attempts to have a longer conversation with an agen from chat. Being told that his supervisor will say the same thing, I asked him if he can process permanent disconnection for my line. He gave me a number to call and ended the chat.


      I was finally able to borrow a Globe mobile phone so I called their Retentions Hotline to permanently disconnect my line. I spoke to an agent who told me that he is going to restore my line and allow me to pay the past due amount in 3 months installment. My account has a past due and I was suppose to pay the whole amount on the day they barred my outgoing services because of my unbilled charges. I told the rep that I will pay the whole past due amount in full and not in installments. He told me that it is better to have it processed by 3 month installment so I agreed. He said my line will be restored within the day. I ended the call and waited.


      I waited until nighttime and my line was still not restored. I called retentions again using a borrowed phone. I was then told that the process that the previous rep did was not approved and that my line will not be restored until they get 50% payment of the unbilled charge. The charge which they can't explain.

      This pissed me off really bad so I went ahead and disconnected all 3 lines under my name.

      I have filed a complaint with the NTC. I will not pay for the balance in all 3 accounts because I did not like the way I was treated.


      ***My other postpaid line was a Globe Blue line. But, I did not feel any special "Blue" treatment. When I went to the Globe office in Robinsons Dumaguete, I took a number using the Globe Blue option. Sadly no agent was manning the dedicated globe blue desk so the globe blue line isn't moving. I have to take another number using the regular subscriber lane.

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          I called 211 to file a complaint for their twitter agents and was told to email globe. I asked for a manager but my request was declined, I have already filed a complaint to the NTC and DTI. I want a manager to contact me.


          I also have a recording of the phone call I made.


          If you check the screenshots below, you can see that Mads has been responding to others except me.



          if Screenshot_2015-09-20-20-30-52[1].pngScreenshot_2015-09-20-22-01-50[1].png


          My decision in paying the balances of my three accounts will be based on Globe's ability to handle my concerns.Screenshot_2015-09-20-17-56-52[1].png

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            Arnel S. Bansil

            Howdy jaijai!


            I'm really sorry for the confusion and I hope to get this all sorted out for you as soon as possible. I'll send you a private message since I'll be needing your account details.