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    Iphone 5s Retention Offer, is this for real?




      I just got off from another retention rep before I wrote this discussion. I basically have 2 lines. My 1st line is for my self and the 2nd line is for my brother. My brother's contract for his line ended yesterday. So to make the story short, I called in their customer service to cancel my brother's line. They offered a few things so that they can convince me to stay, until they offered the same plan I had before with a free phone iPhone 5s. I agree to continue the line so that I can just let my partner use it. However they said its not available for now and to try the following week if it's available. Anyone received the same offer and got their free phone? Or is this some kind of a scam offer that you will have to wait for the phone like FOREEEEEEVERRRRRRRR?!?!?