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    slow LTE/4g connection


      good day?i am subscribed for 5mbps plan for almost 4 months now, it's not that fast but at least its stable... 3 weeks ago my internet connection got slow and very unstable. I called the CS and they said they'll submit a report to their technical dept and told me i have to wait for their call/email of the result, so i did wait... I also did troubleshoot. All the troubleshooting i know and the web could offer. Unfortunately, nothing happened, no improvement... Online games are unplayable, browsing takes a lot of time, video streaming is synonymous with "buffering".haaaist. Why so slow and so unstable? Pls look at the image below... Tell me it's still 4g/lte connection, 5mbps... and yes, I am not having a good day almost everyday since it started...