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    Question about the 4G pocket wifi...


      I am planning to buy a 4G pocket wifi from Globe since I cant afford buying the LTE pocket wifi because Im only a First Year College Student. So my question is that is the 4G pocket wifi of Globe (the one whose price is P1,450 with 12 Mbps speed) can run an online multiplayer games like Dota 2 or San Andreas Multi Player? Because I really wanted now to buy one but I dont want to waste my money baka hindi ako makalaro ng ganyang speed. Thanks po, I really need your help ASAP. And lastly Im from Cebu City, tanong ko lang last na toh if 4G covered naba ang Cebu? Thanks po and Godbless  *pabebe wave*

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          Depends on your location. Some location (uncongested) might able to play with these games specially LTE. However, there are things that might affect your gameplay such as signal, congestion and even network maintenance.


          It is the best thing to try pinging using a Globe Sim in your smartphone to test out. Ping apps are available in App/Play Store.