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    Globe Tattoo @Home LTE Broadband 5mbps Plan, Malvar Batangas Area


      Today is exactly the day I have to pay my 5th bill and having second thought if I should still pay for it. Ever since they installed this, I am trying to endure the slow connection everyday, hoping maybe it will get better. But up to this day, there still not a single sign that my connection will get any better. My signal strength is at 4 bar so I guess the problem is not there. Here are the problems I am dealing up until this day :


      From 7 in the morning to 12 midnight, Monday to Sunday.

      • 10kbps to 40kbps download speed
      • High Dota 2 ping
      • Very slow internet browsing


      When I first called the customer service about the problem around May, they told me they are upgrading their facility and gave me a rebate of Php150.00 for 3 months and they told me that 3 months will be the longest time the upgrade will take. But guess what, I called them again a few days ago and they said that the facility is still under going upgrade but this time there is no ETA on when the upgrading will be finished. How crazy is that? How long should I still wait before I can experience the service I am paying. It's been 5 months now. To be honest, I am just trying to be calm while making this or this will be filled with cursing words.hahaha...


      Anyway, I will post a few picture of what I have been enduring ever since. I am using on my command prompt, which I believe is the IP of Globe in Makati. I just saw it from the technician who installed my Globe.


      September 17 2015, 9:58pm

      Tried to play a Normal Match. Dota 2 ping : 3684ms. Command Prompt : 2698ms then Request timed out.

      Sept17 Dota.jpg

      September 22 2015, 7:19pm

      Checking my Ping. Dota 2 ping : 9677ms. Command Prompt : 3111ms then Request timed out.


      September 25 2015, 10:03am

      Downloading an anime. Download speed : 1.466 kbps. Command Prompt : 2684ms then Request timed out.


      September 26 2015


      Downloading an update for Dota 2. Download speed : peak at 43.7 kbps.



      Tried to play Dota 2 Normal Match. Command Prompt : 3773ms then Request timed out.

      Sept26 Dota.jpg


      Decided to visit Globe webpage to create this. Website too slow to load. Command Prompt : Request timed out, 1175ms to 3090ms ping.

      Sept26 GlobeSite.jpg

      So tell me, is this the kind of service I am paying? The only thing your Customer Service tells me whenever I call except from the facility is undergoing upgrade is that they are sorry and that I should just keep monitoring my internet speed.


      My patience is almost at its limit. Fix this crappy service of yours. Don't tell me to wait again, I think I've waited enough.

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          Arnel S. Bansil

          Howdy jobberwalk! My sincere apologies for the inconvenience. You're right, a fast connection is very important. My question though is are you only experiencing this with certain games or while browsing in general? Thanks.

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              I was playing a MMORPG before but with the lag and delay, I rage quit and just decided to uninstall them. Right now I am just staying with Dota 2 until the MMORPG I am waiting this coming October be released, that is why I am very eager that my internet be fixed ASAP.


              This is my browsing experience today. I trace route www.facebook.com if this helps, I see most people post their trace route.


              I also opened my Facebook account while pinging www.facebook.com.

              facebook 2.png

              Peak hours or not, like I mentioned 7 in the morning till 12 midnight, my internet is like this. When I avail this service, I was hoping I could play Dota 2 with my brother at the same time since its a 5mbps LTE compared to our last 1mbps wimax, but now my laptop is all dusty because internet almost seems to die with just a desktop connected, what more if I connect my laptop, we might be just looking at a loading page whole day.hahaha...


              So right now, I feel like I have been ripped off by Globe. Well played.

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                    I did all the troubleshooting I could do and everything is OK on my end. Desktop or Laptop, results are the same so it's not a hardware problem unless the modem itself is defective. But then again, I've been calling the Customer Service for 5 months, and the last time they told me is that the facility is undergoing upgrade which is the same thing they told me 5 months ago. So how long does this upgrading will really take? I'm paying the plan on how much it cost but what I'm getting from it doesn't worth on how much what I've payed for it. A P150.00 rebate that they gave me doesn't cut it. I'm paying Php 2000+ monthly for a 10-60kbps plan? Isn't that ridiculous? As far as I know, I availed a 5mbps plan. Although I don't expect that it will be a constant 5mbps but having a stable 10-60kbps 24/7 for 5months now is just plain BS... adding a very high latency on online games and request timed out.. this kind of service is just useless for me.


                    I took a picture of a Dota 2 update the other day. My friends took only 1 hour and 30 minutes to download the update but me? My god. I started downloading around 1pm, the 92kbps peak there is like a glitch, it just spiked to 92kbps one time then played around 20kbps to 40kbps.


                    You will probably say that it's just because it's peak hours that is why it's slow so I took another picture which is already 12 midnight. And look, download speed is still the same. An update that only took 1 hour and 30 minutes on my friends took me half day until morning of the next day. Well done.


                    So I want to know, is there really an upgrading going-on or its just Globe's way to stop their customers from calling?

                    If there really is, then when will it be finished? Is 5 months still not enough? Because the first time the Customer Service told me that an upgrading is undergoing was around May. Look its October now.

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                        Arnel S. Bansil

                        jobberwalk Can you provide a clearer screenshot of your ping tests for our technical team's reference? We'll bring this to their attention.

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                            Ping test of what? The ones on the troubleshooting guide? or website and stuffs? I'll post first a ping test to an IP but if what you mean are ping test on troubleshooting guide I can also give that but I'll tell you now that the test are all good ( ethernet card, pc to modem, etc. ) when it doesn't include connecting to internet.


                            Ping test to ( which I believe and Google said so that it is an IP of Globe server? in Makati )


                            Then I opened Facebook and logged-in my account.


                            My point is, when internet is not in use or in other word idle, it is OK which is it really should be right? But when I start to browse or play online games, everything turns to " Request timed out ".

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                            exactly, we all have the same problem here, mine ,started last June when the Globe technicians came to my house and change my old modem to the supposed to be more faster and better modem so called [email protected] 4G LTE modem (Huawei B-593). But still until now it so slow its only 0.24mbps on my speedtest.net which is supposed to be 1.00mbps since that's the plan I have, so I called the customer service and they told me the same, upgrading is ongoing, and they just give you the run around after that, they just keep asking you the same thing over and over!!!!  What a rip-off for us consumers on the service Globe provides us now!!!!

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                      What now? Just gonna leave your customer hanging? Been a week now since this thread has been updated. And I still have the minimum internet speed when I have a 5Mbps plan. A stable 10 ~ 60 kbps download rate and a very high latency. F that.

                      I need an answer. Does the facility in our area really under-going an upgrade is its just plain lie just to keep your customers from asking. Almost 6 months now for God's sake. When will be my internet going to be fixed?

                      Today Dota 2 has an update but it will take me 1 hour just to download a 12mb update . BS!