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    Unlocking iPhone 5s


      Hi Guys,


      I am planning to have my iPhone 5s unlocked. According sa Globe Agent na nakausap ko via LiveChat, pwede lang sya iunlock after ng contract. My contract will end on December 2015. The problem is, I am leaving the country on October. I cannot wait until December.


      What do you suggest na dapat kong gawin? I am willing to pay the remaining bills (i.e September, October, and November -- di ko na kailangan magbayad ng December kasi as far as I remember, bayad na yun. Tama ba?).


      So yun, I just need the phone to be unlocked para magamit ko abroad. Do you think mas okay kunng ipapaterminate ko na lang yung contract then pay the pre-termination fee? Then, since end na ng contract, saka ko ipapaunlock sa kanila?


      I need your advise guys. Thanks in advance!

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          Paulo D

          Hi afewknows!


          Good day!


          You can pay for the pre-termination fee although I'm not sure if you can request to unlock your iPhone as a result. It would be best for you to get in touch with any of our support channels listed at Contact Us for further assistance and inquire if this is possible.


          Hope this helps.

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              Hi Paulo,


              Thanks. I tried calling Globe again and this time maayos yung nakausap ko lol. Yung previous calls ko kasi, ang sabi ng mga agents ay wala akong choice kundi tapusin ang contract. Yung nakausap ko ngayon, ang sabi nya pwede ko iterminate yung contract ko sa handset and pay the pretermination fee para maunlock yung phone. Then tuloy pa rin yung contract ko for the plan until December. So yun, yun ang hinahanap kong sagot hehe.


              Thanks for your response.