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    No Technical Team Arriving


      Last 3 weeks, our WiMAX connection suddenly upgraded to LTE. I received this notice that our connection will be upgraded because WiMAX is not available anymore. After the upgrade, I am experiencing slow to no internet. I called this problem after a week in the hopes of they are just activating it to the hotline and told me that a technical team will be going on Thursday (September 17, 2015) at around 8am-12nn. And the day come and no technical team arrived. I asked this on the chat support on why there are no tech team that arrived and told me that they are not receiving any feedback from the tech team and they will escalate this problem to the Support Team and will contact me on any feedbacks. So I waited a week and called again. The CSR told me that there will be a tech team that will go on Friday (September 25, 2015). And the same problem again. No tech team arrived. So I was again rescheduled and told me again that a tech team will go on Sunday (September 27, 2015). Well no tech team arrived again. The CSR told me that our migration status is still on pending and is still open. Every CSR i talked told me that our modem would be change so it can accommodate LTE signals, that they will escalate the problem to the support team, that they are making us one of the highest priority and so on and so forth. I'm really frustrated about this. Please solve this ASAP.




      Account Number is 858458425
      Reference Numbers I got are: QAI15090025189 and MAC15090047286