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    How do I set-up Spotify Premium? (Globe Broadband Subscriber)


      I've been trying to access the link spotify.globe.com.ph but even after several tries to enter the verification code, the succeeding enrollment steps mentioned by the Contact Center Agent did not appear. Spotify Premium is supposed to be free as part of my plan 1599.


      Additional information regarding my Globe.com account:

      1. I was able able enroll my mobile no. into my Globe account.

      2. My mobile no. and email address that I used for my Globe account are the same contact details I have registered as part of my Broadband plan.

      3. I'm unable to enroll my Globe Broadband to my Globe account. For some reason, when I enter my account details and click on "send verification code", I do not receive the verification code either via email or text. I did this multiple times, but I still have yet to receive the verification codes promised.

      4. I already updated my personal / account information with my Broadband no.

      5. I called the Contact Center this morning, but the agent couldn't help me.


      I hope assistance can be provided soon.