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    Concerns : signal & 3g/4g connections


      Hello Globe,


      I hope you can read this.


      I've upgraded my line for lte or the 4g to boost my net connection months ago, but sadly i wasted money and effort because nothing has changed, its still like 3g.. And ur 3g is slow too btw


      Even if the place has 4g the net connection is still verrrrrryyy slow .. Compared to other network/telecoms provider which im using at the moment  w/ my other phone, this one is pretty fast compared to yours. Also, what's up with your signal, it's like a woman with menopause, sometimes its up then its down.

      Before, I know its not like this.

      Seriously Im comparing your signal and net connection with that other telecom provider' I can see your falling behind & their prices are good as well. <<but the main prob of mine is the quality ..


      If you really care about ur customers and the quality of ur services please fix this and upgrade your system..


      I've been a loyal to Globe ever since I was in 4th grade, you're my 1st network, but I'm thinking of not renweing my contract if this kind of unsatisfactory quality will still be present, same goes for my sisters & their  husbands and my parents as well (just stating facts.) Please fix this asap!


      Thank you. globelive