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      Hi. I registered to GOUNLI50 last Oct1 at around 3am. To my surprise, I can not send mssgs and make calls since yesterday afternoon. GOUNLI50 is for 3 days. It's not been 2 days yet so I checked my promo status. To my surprise, Globe says I am not registered to any promo. What happenedI tried calling 211 but I only waited for almost half an hour to no avail. I tried calling again this morning but Globe says I have insufficient balance. Do you require a load balance more than P8 for subscribers to be able to call your customer care hotline? I tweeted to @talk2globe, I sent a pm to Globe's fb page but to no avail. Please respond. I want my promo back. Thanks.

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          Arnel S. Bansil

          Howdy ivym! I'm so sorry for the confusion, but when you called our hotline what do you mean by "to no avail"?

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              Hi nelskib. I called 211 and selected several menus - and waited for almost

              an hour for a cust serv rep to talk to me. Pero wala, ang tagal ko

              naghintay pero napuputol nalang yung call na wala naman akong nakakausap.

              Then I tried calling again, but a voice message tells me that I do not have

              enough load to make a call - to a customer service hotline?? Tagalog po

              yung message and lalake na yung nagsasalita, hindi na tulad nung dati na

              babae usually and English. Please, I want my promo back. Nasayang lang yung

              load and promo ko di ko naman nagamit. Sana kung may system maintenance

              nagpauna na kayo ng announcement, dati naman ginagawa nyo yun. Pero this

              time wala manlang pasabi. Taz after 2 days I received a message saying that

              my promo is already expired? Pero a day before, when I checked my promo

              status, sabi ng Globe I am not registered to any promo. What sorcery is

              this?? I want my promo back please.. Please make up for 2day-promo na

              nasayang lang. Thank you po..


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