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    Sudden Increase in Ping


      Hi all,


      I would just like to ask a question regarding delayed payments and its consequences. Some minor details about the Internet Connection:


      Speed: 10mbps


      Globe Tatoo


      From what I've heard, yung internet bill namin is may namiss na one month and nakita ko rin yung bill 8k yung cost. I was just wondering pag delayed yung payment niyo binabagalan ba yung net or rather may consequences ba? Napansin ko rin kasi tumataas yung ping ko sa ibang sites. For example, before playing Dota 2 I always check the ping para di ma lag, Usually I have 99 - 100 ping, which is playable pa naman. Now I'm having 130ms to 200ms which is really laggy. Even checked all the devices na nakaconnect dito sa net di naman sila nag bbandwith heavy activities. So I was just wondering kung yung sudden increase in ping is effect ng delayed payments?