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    account cancellation


      I want to cancel my 2 accounts with Globe because of my frustration and dissatisfaction.

      I am a Globe account holder for I believe 15 yrs now and I have 4 accounts, I have 2

      that are up for re contracting however when I asked several agents for options I was given

      a very insulting offer. I can't even have the latest offer Globe has for new line application.

      I asked the agents if they prefer me to cancel my accounts instead just to be able to

      avail those offers and they even have the bravery to answer me yes. Even a supervisor

      I was able to chat with gave me that option. I just cant believe that a LOYAL CUSTOMER

      of Globe is being treated this way. They would rather loose me than see options on

      how they can go about giving me a satisfactory offer that somehow suits my tenure as

      a "valued account holder" of Globe.


      I feel being insulted and mistreated!!!