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    Globe technician closed my repair order; but, did nothing.


      Last September 30, I called Globe because my landline + internet bundle had a problem. They told me that my scheduled repair visit would be on October 6. Despite my pleas, they wouldn't change the date; so, I waited with all the patience I could muster.



      Then, on October 6, I received a call on my landline from a certain Reggie (who was the technician assigned to my issue). He, first, asked me if I still had a problem with my internet. I said "yes" and proceeded to explain the problem to him. He, then, told me that he would be on his way to my house soon. He never came. To make matters worse, 30 minutes after Reggie called, our landline lost its dial tone and, with it, our internet was lost as well.



      The next day (October 7), I called Globe and asked the CSR why the technician had not fulfilled his promise to visit us and why our phone just died. During my conversation with the CSR, I discovered that Reggie had actually closed the job order (meaning he claimed that the job of repairing my bundle had been done). Naturally, I blew a fuse! Reggie did nothing! Why would he close the JO if he had done nothing? I, then, demanded that they send another technician to fix the problem immediately... as in that same day. I even talked to the supervisor, Erica, about it. She, then, promised to personally follow this up with the "command center" (which I assume is Globe).



      The next day, I got a text from Globe saying that my repair schedule would be on October 12. Naturally, I found this unacceptable since I had already waited from September 30 to October 6, only to get screwed over by some dishonest technician! I have, since, called several times; and each time, I get the same runaround routine. They keep promising to do something but the "command center"... Globe... won't give them any feedback.



      So, is this how Globe really feels about their clients? Don't they care? The call center they hired is not at fault. they did their part. Globe chose to ignore their attempts to communicate. Are we just nothing to Globe? I mean, all we do is pay their salaries, right?

      Sigh! Can anyone out there make sure this rant of mine reaches Globe? I'm really very tired of calling them already. Please guys... I need help.