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    SIM not yet activated for more than two months


      Hi Globe,

      My postpaid SIM is not yet activated for more than two months already after I applied for recontracting. Please have the decency and professionalism to attend to this.

      I went to Globe store in Glorietta 3 (where I applied for recontracting) and called Globe hotline for so many times but my efforts are useless. They keep on saying that there is a technical error whenever they try to activate my SIM. They claim that they have already escalated the issue and will call me in my other contract number but I haven’t received any call from them not even once. They even said an excuse that I have to wait for September 27 to check if the new application for reactivation has been completed which is very unacceptable.  Take note that I applied for the new contract around the first week of August.

      Below is the timeline of what happened and what did not. I cannot recall the exact dates for some.

      -July 30 – I lost my Globe postpaid phone that I have been using for more than two years already. I have requested for deactivation of that SIM.

      -1st Week of August – I requested for a replacement SIM at Globe store in Glorietta 3. I also realized that I am qualified for recontracting and may get a new phone so I grabbed this. I applied for recontracting and gave me a new phone and used the replacement SIM that they have provided. A sales agent named Jackie processed my request. She said that she is encountering technical error in my account. She said to wait for the SIM activation within 24 hours. She also gave me her number to inform her of any update. Activation did not happen.

      -At first, I tried calling Globe hotline but also having technical issue in their end when they try to activate my SIM.

      -I texted Jackie about this and this is her reply “Sir di pa po nauupdate ung email. Di ko pa po talaga maactivate ung sim nyo kasi may error pa rin sa system. Antaying po muna namin ung feedback nila then update naming kayo.”

      -I made subsequent follow ups by texting her and calling Globe hotline but I keep on getting the same response.

      -August 17 – I received another text saying “Sir, sige ok lang po ba na within this week kasi po inaayos ko pa rin yung account nyo sa ISG.”

      -August 20 – I received my Globe bill and the new contract is already reflected. My SIM card is not yet activated. I requested for the cancellation of these charges since it is very unfair to charge me for services that I did not use. I received a reply asking me asking me about my old sim. I told her again that my old Globe postpaid phone was lost together with my old SIM card. I also provided the serial number of the SIM that they have provided.

      -August 23 – I went to Globe store in Glorietta 3 and followed up on the SIM activation. Same response.

      -Series of follow up through Globe hotline has been made.

      -September 9, - I went to Globe store in Glorietta 3 again. An agent named “Ryza Mae” assisted me. I was calmly mad expressing my concerns to her. She told me that someone from the Globe store will call me to give me an update within 24 to 48 hours. I also inform her of my intentions to cancel the recontracting and return the phone since it’s been one month and the SIM is not yet activated. However, she told me that I must wait until September 27 if the new “order” for the recontracting will be processed successfully. My jaw dropped hearing this kind of advice. They want me to wait for two weeks to check if my SIM will be activated. She even had a sarcastic gesture that I was not informed by Jackie that my SIM can be activated on Sept. 27. She also told me that she already cleared the balances that I have incurred because of the new contract.

      -September 11 – I did not receive any call from Globe as promised by “Ryza Mae”. I made follow ups through the Globe hotline afterwards

      -September 14 – I received another bill from Globe and to my surprise, the old charges last month and the current month is not removed

      -September onwards – Follow ups have been made. The situation is already frustrating that they do not allow me to cancel the contract and return the phone that I am not using.

      -September 27 – SIM card is not yet activated in contrast to what they have promised. I texted Jackie again and asked me the agent that assisted me last time which is “Ryza Mae”.

      -October 4 – I went to Globe store for the 4th time. I saw “Ryza Mae” who gives queue numbers to customers. She is not assigned on the customer support cube. I told her “Naalala mo pa ako? Hindi pa rin activated ung SIM ko.” She just gave me a number for customer support. To my surprise, I saw her wearing a name tag “Eva” or “Eve”. Not sure if Ryza Mae is really her real name but I did not bother to confront her. I was assisted by another agent and gave me a new SIM card and advised me to wait for 24 to 48 hours. I asked her if I can just cancel and return the gadget that I am not using. I still have all the plastics and box of the gadget. However, she told me that I have to pay for the gadget since I have signed the contract. A contract that they haven’t accomplished yet since my SIM is not yet activated. I gave them another chance.

      -October 6 – SIM is not yet activated. Made follow up again.

      -October 11 – I called the Globe hotline again and said that the SIM is already active but there is no connection yet. She told me to go to Globe store to have my SIM card replaced.