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    Globe Torque Application Status


      I have been a Tattoo Broadband User for over a year now, with Postpaid Account No. # 9157958897 and since I am quietly satisfied with the service ( Until now...) I have come to asked my Globe community office located here in SM Clark, Pampanga, for an upgrade of my service of Tattoo to be switch to Globe torque and had my Residencial Status be upgraded to Business.. they have asked ( Globe Clark )  for all my requirements which I have submitted efficiently and It has been almost 3 weeks now, and I have tried calling 211 hotline for any updates on my application, but i haven't gone further than " Call & Ask ". Kindly help me to know WHOM & WHAT holine can you refer me to be able to know if my Application did get ahead and now on the process of whatever I get to have an Upgrade or not.


      Thank you,

      Jennifer Pineda Nicdao